FLE course


Training goals 

Signing up for the FLE course means choosing to experience true immersion in order to discover France and its culture, while efficiently improving your French!

Classes content 

Every week, a new theme related to French culture and lifestyle...

The programme explores variousthemes designed to help you know and understand France better : French food, French etiquette, family & traditions, art and cinema, fashion and luxury, etc.

... immediate application of the language skills you learn...

Based on the week's theme, the teachers will explore specific lexicon, specific points of French grammar, and most importantly they will ensure immediate application of what you learn, through both written and spoken exercises. All the way from entry level to mastery, students will be led to achieve real progress toward their target level over the course of each week.

... and a cultural activity !

Last but not least, the students are invited to take part in at least one cultural activity every week in order to discover France in an more light-hearted manner.

Teaching method 

In order to reach its goals, ISPA relies on a dynamic teaching methodology based on three axes :

  • being truly there for you at every stage of your learning curve, with progress assessment and additional support sessions during the course of your progression, as well as constant reevaluation of the implemented teaching methods ;
  • encouraging your autonomy, by putting various resources at your disposal such as a multimedia workroom, a resource center, and free Internet access ;
  • promoting your integration into French lifestyle through cultural activities organized by the school, the Cultural Sponsors programme, and involving our students in local activities. 

In groups of 20 students maximum for language classes, you will work on the CEFRL's four skills (listening, reading, spoken expression & written expression), while staying as close as possible to your future specific needs. You will of course have ample access to your teachers should you have questions or need personalized advice, and in case of difficulties they will provide tailored monitoring.


Curriculum organisation 

A0 to A2 levels : Next session on Junuary 16th 2023

A2 to B2 levels : Courses start every Monday, all year (except annual closure - contact us to know more !)

Course duration is freely selectable, from 1 up to 48 weeks - 20h per week.


Subscription fee : 100€ (valid for 1 year - non-refundable)

Tuition fee :

  • For 1 to 3 weeks : 269 € / week
  • For 4 to 11 weeks : 239 € / week
  • For 12 to 23 weeks : 212 € / week
  • For 24 to 31 weeks : 198 € / week
  • 32 weeks and more : 180 € / week

The fee covers :

  • A minimum of 20h of classes per week
  • A welcome pack
  • A participation certificate upon programme completion
  • Free access to school events (excluding excursions)
  • Free access to school resources (library, computer room, Wifi within school grounds)

Additional services :  

Accommodation reservation : 50€

Guarantor fee and accommodation monitoring (for long-term lease, 12+ weeks) : 300€

Assistance for administrative procedures (bank, insurance, OFII, CAF, etc.) : 200€

Airport pick-up and transit to accommodation : 200€

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I have a question...

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What do the students think ?

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