Le Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional d'Amiens Métropole

The CRR (regional music academy) of Greater Amiens

The CRR (regional music academy) of Greater Amiens offers curriculums not only in music, but also in drama and dance.

The mission of the Regional Music Academy of Greater Amiens, a State-certified and controlled artistic education establishment, is to deliver quality teaching in the fields of music, dance and drama, as per the orientations defined by the ministry's teaching guidelines.

It provides its 1200 students artistic teaching that ranges from initiation and entry level up to consummate practice, whether they are aiming at becoming educated music enthusiasts, professionnal musicians, or just seeking support for their amateur practice.

In order to achieve that, it relies on a threefold strategy that closely associates training, outreach and creation. It makes group practice an important part of the student's training (orchestra, bands and ensembles, choirs, ballets, groups of creators or actors...) and places the students onstage as soon as possible in order to motivate them, and provide both meaning and some form of achievement to their practice and project.

The CRR of Greater Amiens is keen on experimenting, producing, having contacts and exchanges with other artistic education establishments and cultural equipments, and stands out as a major landmark of the local cultural life. The CRR of greater Amiens and ISPA have been partners in recruiting and training students since February 2015. 


Are you interested in pursuing a professional curriculum at the CRR of greater Amiens? Find out about the foundation programme for music!