L'École Supérieure de Commerce de Clermont

ESC Clermont Graduate School of Management

ESC Clermont offers curriculums in business management for every level, and various majors.

Clermont Graduate School of Management's goal is to train its students to become lucid, responsible managers, entrepreneurs and leaders, with a solid knowledge of the fundamentals of business management, and a strong ability to comprehend the stakes and complexity of the economic & business world, a world where creativityand innovation determine the success of every decision, action & behaviour . The school strives to train value-creators, both at the economic and at the social level.

Within that scope, over the past few years the school has been developing its range of double-diplomas and multi-skill courses for its students ; it has devised programmes, curriculums and specialties within a process of co-construction in cooperation with both educational and professional partners ; it has been promoting hands-on experiencethrough a project-oriented teaching approach thatfavours interdisciplinarityand sandwich courses, while fitting within the site-oriented policy that has been implemented at the regional level by participating in major structure-building projects. It also aims at promoting the growth of applied research,by developingprojects for local companies and by feeding methodological axes into the material it teaches.

ESC Clermont and ISPA have been partners in in recruiting and training students since August 2016. 

Are you interested in pursuing a curriculum at ESC Clermont ? Find out about the foundation programme for economy !

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